Honeywell Total Connect Comfort DTH

Is anyone aware of a Device Handler for the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort on Gethub that offers status reporting for the fan?

I’d like to setup a Piston in WebCore to trigger my ceiling fan when my furnace fan is running.

Are you sure you need a custom handler? I’m using the default in ST.

I haven’t written a piston around this, but I can see that the thermostat reports the Operating State.

Yes, I do believe the default DTH does not report when the fan is on/off. I believe the operating state that you’ve identified simply reports whether the Thermostat is in Heat or Cool mode, but not the furnace activity.

I’ve been looking into this for a couple of weeks, and it seems that the only possible trigger is the thermostatOperatingState: However, I’ve observed the fan running, while ST reports the thermostatOperatingState as “idle”.


That’s interesting. As I mentioned, I haven’t tried these. There is a Mode whose values are Heat, Cooling and Off. I would have thought that would have been used to report what you referred to. Apparently not . . .

The ability to trigger SmartThings switches off the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostat is disappointing.

I see what you mean. Can you maybe put a vibration sensor on your air handler to detect when the fan is running?

That could possibly work. Can you recommend a ST vibration sensor?

I haven’t personally used a vibration sensor, but these two threads indicate the ST multisensor works just fine:

No, they didn’t work reliably enough for this application. I took it out.

I completely agree with the “disappointing” statement - I too am trying to read when the furnace is running, assuming via the operatingstate flag but it never changes from idle. Did you ever get anything going on this?

Just adding to the “disappointed” chorus. We’re in a brand-new custom home. HVAC is multi-zone heat pump. HVAC contractor said Nest or Ecobee thermostats would void the warranty on the system. They would only do Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 thermostats.

The Honeywell TCC app is mediocre and has no automation capability. Connection between SmartThings and TCC clouds dies about every two weeks. Honeywell app doesn’t show when aux heat is on.

Honeywell app does show when fan is running, fwiw. Neither the TCC SmartApp in SmartThings Classic app nor in the new SmartThings app show the current fan state, only the operating mode.

Very disappointing.

@Bry: Has the operating state been removed? I am trying to add automation so that not all HVAC units will run at once. All I see in automation is humidity, temperature, and mode. I am on the iPhone SmartThings app. Would prefer not to have to create a schedule to do this but base it off who calls first.

Thank you

By operating state do you mean the thermostat mode? If so, no it’s still there. Here is what is exposed to webCore:

In May 2018 you posted this screenshot, how do I get to this page where I can compare operating state?

Is this on android?


Not on Android, that is a desktop web browser webCore screenshot.

So in the screen shot you posted, that is for the trigger/condition section in webCore, not the task section. What I posted a couple posts ago were the exposed things in the Task section. So if you want to trigger on the thermostat’s operating state, select your thermostat in the IF section and you’ll see the operating state.

Awesome! I appreciate the help Bryan.

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