Integrating my Furnace with my Ceiling Fan?

I’ve been interested in triggering my Ceiling Fan based on my Furnace Fan activity. Initially I thought I could set the trigger based on the thermostat’s thermostatOperatingState. But after monitoring the Devicee Logs in ST for the past few days, I’ve realized that the fan is triggered more often by the Furnace control board, than by the Thermostat.

Is anyone aware of some kind of ST sensor (i.e. relay) that I could connect to my Furnace control board, that could report that the fan is on or off? I believe the control board’s output is 24vDC, and ideally I wouldn’t have to connect up the 110AC from my house to the sensor.

What thermostat are you using? The Ecobee smartapps have good integration support of operational state that you can use. Also if you bring in WebCore you can program your own actions based on the state of the thermostat.

I’m using a Honeywell Total Connect Wi-Fi thermostat. WebCoRE is great. I’ve been at this for less than two weeks, and the forum has helped me build some great solutions to automate my utility appliances.

The trouble with the ST integrations from the HW thermostat, is that I find that the fan runs many times when the thermostatOperatingState in ST records at idle. Therefore, there wouldn’t be a trigger. The thermostatFanMode reflects the manual setting (On, Auto, Circulate), not the state of the fan’s activity, and I’m looking to run my ceiling fan when my furnace fan runs.

Ok thanks for the clarification of the events that the Honeywell device handler has. I too have been looking for isolated inputs that would trigger a SmartThings action for things like relays, doorbells, etc. I found FortezZ has low voltage inputs but I have yet to pull the trigger on them. Here is the link to their products: