Honeywell Thermostat showing wrong temperature?

I have a Honeywell WiFi Thermostat (RTH9585WF1004

I am able to add it to SmartThings. However, the temperature it is reporting on screen is way off. It is 88F here and shown correctly on the thermostat. But on the SmartThings App, it is showing as 80F, it is way off, not delayed or anything. The humidity seems to be accurate though.

Any idea how to fix that?

Only thing I can say is that is has been an ongoing issue for me over the past year+

This is on 2 Honeywell Thermostats at one location, 3 at another: They all behave the same.

In fact, as I’m writing this, I checked one of my Thermostats:
In SmartThings App: Set Heat Temp=70; Set Cool Temp=74; House Temp=74
In Honeywell App: Set Heat Temp=70; Set Cool Temp=75; House Temp=75
On Thermostat: Set Heat Temp=70; Set Cool Temp=75; House Temp=75

Bottom Line: The SmartThings Card is displaying the wrong info!

I checked the SmartThings Settings (gear in upper-right); Linked Services; Honeywell Home Total Connect. All of my Thermostats are present. Clicked “refresh”, then Cool Temp & House Temp both updated to the correct 75.

I suspect there is an issue between the SmartThing Servers and Honeywell Servers.

Device Handler is a term used with the old groovy architecture. In the current architecture, they are referred to as Edge drivers.

For devices using Linked services, you can’t change a Driver. In the app, there isn’t the option. In the Advanced Web App, linked services devices appear as Type = VIPER and can’t be switched.

Users may want to contact Honeywell Support in addition to ST Support. Honeywell maintains the integration between Honeywell and ST.

But I assume I am responding to a bot. :slight_smile:


@jkp Maybe…

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I found some time ago that my Honeywell VisionPro 8000 WiFi thermostats were only syncing with SmartThings once ever 12 hours. You can see this in the History tab for the device. FWIW mine are connected via the Honeywell Home cloud to cloud integration

I ended up purchasing the SharpTools subscription so I could write a routine to refresh all three thermostats once every 30 minutes.

You need to create a rule to refresh the Honeywell Thermostat on a regular basis. I do it every every 5 minutes.

You can do automatic refreshes using the free tier of SharpTools or the API rules. No subscription is needed.

Hmmm… I did this last December so things may have changed. I wasn’t able to do a reliable loop in SharpTools without using a variable. And last I knew variables required premium access.

I used a virtual motion detector that resets every every 5 min. as the trigger.


I wish I was that creative. Would have saved me an annual subscription charge!

I read how to do it in this forum.

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Got a pointer? I gave it a shot but it’s not working…

This is not a refresh routine but s routine using a virtual motion sensor as a timer.

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You could also use a virtual momentary switch that auto reverts its state or use the Edge Counter Utility to count up to 5 mins then reset the timer when refreshing the thermostat.

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