Honeywell Lyric not working

For the past few weeks, my Honeywell Lyric thermostat has been unavailable. in the recently tab I see the following every night at 4:30 am…

Thermostat status is Mode Change Failed Due to Expired Token. Login Again.

Every day I try to re-login to the app Honeywell Lyric (Connect) and it shows that I am connected, but when I login and try to select my device and hit done I see an error. Here is the error from the IDE logs:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘displayName’ on null object @line 417 (doCall)

This is in the Classic App, when I go to the new app, I don’t even show the Honeywell Lyric (Connect) smart app installed…

This indicates an issue with the DTH. It’s not getting the object it expects. Are you using a custom DTH?

I am using the standard Honeywell smart app and DTH that is integrated with Smartthings for the past few years.

If it’s a ST DTH then I would recommend contacting ST support. What’s the name of the DTH?

I contacted Support and they suggested the following (1st level support)…

This sounds as though it is a ‘bad’ token which should re-authorize the permissions between SmartThings and Honeywell.

The first thing to try is to delete the Honeywell integration from SmartThings, clear any and all caches from the app/browser(s) and then start a new by re-installing the connection and get the new token.

To disconnect Honeywell integration go through below steps:

  1. From the Home screen, touch Menu (Menu icon)
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch Connected services
  4. Touch Honeywell(Connect)
  5. Touch More options (More Options icon) > Delete
  6. Touch Delete

Also once again clear browser cache and re-install the app (just to cover any bases where bad data could be stored). Once this has been completed, install Honeywell thermostat once again and it should refresh the Honeywell TCC connected service.

For some reason this morning at 4:30 I see the same token error and then about 7:17 it started working again with no change from me…

i am looking to buy the honeywell lyric t6r with hot water - is yours the same ? does it connect to smartthings ? what sort of controls does it offer ?

I have Lyric Round.