Homebridge/ Smartthings Help

Hello all,

Hope you guys can help me out with this one. I am having issues trying to get homebridge and smartthings to work nicely together.

My ios device sees “homebridge” in my hesperus/ homekit app but the app never sees any switches under it (as part of it’s group)

Could any of you guys give me a hand at figuring out what may be causing this issue?

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Ask in the following thread (this is a clickable link) and someone will be glad to help you:

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Thank you so much for that JDRoberts. I will do just that!

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Good Afternoon JDRoberts, I have to apologize in advance for being very green to this and if what I am asking is posted somewhere else, could you please point me in the right direction?

I am running Homebridge v1.1.7 on Raspberri Pi and I have added the Homebridge Smartthings Plugin. This is the verified plugin that was written by pdlove. In order to configure this, I am needing the following information

From my reading it tells me that a lot of this information can be found from the SMART Things Classic app but I understand that it is no longer available and I can’t seem to locate this information in the new SMART Things app.

Thank you again in advance, I really appreciate any help.

I can’t help you, but if you read the following thread, the people there should be able to.

Note that there is a new version of the code you were trying to use, so I would start with that one. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Thank you JDRoberts! I really appreciate your help and how quick you replied. I am in your debt Sir.

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