Homebridge install on Mac - Smarthings now not working

Hi all

So after a couple of days messing around I finally got my homebridge running on my Mac. Mac is always on. This was a test to see how it works and what I get before probably getting a RPi.

I got everything running in Apple home, however when I then tried to use smartthings to turn a set of lights on, it wouldn’t control them. Messing around I tried several individual bulbs and none worked.

Deleted the homebridge and they started working again in smartthings.

So is this a known issue? Did I do something wrong?

Any ideas please as I assume I should be able to control still via smartthings as well as Apple home


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Hi - I assume you used this method to install Homebridge? This is the latest one.

(You can also install the SmartThings plugin through the GUI and the SmarThings app through the ST-Community-Installer).

I have been running different versions of Homebridge on RPi for a couple years now… but have never seen that behavior. So my guess, control through the SmartThings app not working is not related to Homebridge.

I noticed that the Apple Home app interface is sometimes a bit slow, including refesh or status. I suggest you try voice control with Siri. That usually works faster for me.


Yes I did use that method… although I seem to recall using a version 2 of the integration. I will try again and see what I get

The “V2” is the current version of the SmartThings plugin. If you install the smartapp through the “ST-Community-Installer”, this is the version you get.

[EDIT: I just saw that both versions are actually available in the installer. You do need v2 though to work with the new version of Homebridge]

If you cant resolve the issue I suggest you also post in this thread for help:

THere are many people smarter then me! :wink:

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I was using wink hubs for a few GE link bulbs and also an Outlink for a my tankless heater.

I was able to use the wink app (iOS) to set a 20 minute timer to automatically turn off my tankless heater. Can Homebridge do this?

I was also using Yonami with my wink for using Siri for using automations (e.g., turning lights and/or my tankless heater on/off) Can Homebridge do this?

Or maybe there is a better app for this? I have the IFTTT app but it does not seem it can handle these.


Homebridge does not do any rules. It allows you to connect other ecosystems to Apple HomeKit. (E.g. control SmartThings devices or read sensors)

If your question is if SmartThings can do that… then the answer is yes.

I don’t think Apple HomeKit itself has a built in timer function.

Excellent, that is a start. I have not tried Homekit before because none of my devices were compatible for it. I have not been able to connect SmartThings with it given that I have not found instructions for HomeBridge v2 since I installed it.

I have an Apple TV 4, Nest, Rachio, a few Google speakers, and GE Link bulbs.

Thank you