HomeAssistant Webhook App help needed

Background - I transferred my home DNS from 1and1 to namecheap, that’s when this all started.

I need some help from anyone who knows anything about how the new webhook smartapps work (or equally someone who knows how the home assistant integration works)

I have home assistant installed on my server at home, I have a public DNS record, certs, the whole nine yards. Its worked great for over a year, but since iIchanged DNS registrars, its been wonky. There was a slight moment in time when I needed to recreate my records in namecheap and i feel thats why im seeing issues, but they are all there now.

The behavior I’m seeing is some events make its way to home assistant, but some dont. If i turn on a light, about 50% chance that the event actually makes it way to home assistnant or not.

I am so confused by the new app and “workspace”. I just want to find some sort of logs. Am i getting rate limited? Are there DNS errors? Im running blind from the smartthings perspective. As far as i can tell, there are no errors in HomeAssistant, the webhooks just arent arriving.

I’ve recreated the integration a few times, but it doesnt help. I can even see the new app using the SmartThings CLI, but i feel like im missing a major debugging piece here.

Can someone shed some light and help me feel less insane?

I was helping someone with similar issues. I’m using this same integration. My understanding is that a Smartapp is created within Home Assistant where all the code runs, and it creates a link to the Smarthings API. The Smartthings API just responds to the commands from that smartapp running in HomeAssistant that is part of the integration. Sometimes, things get corrupted. Likely when you changed the DNS, the “path” got messed up that was established between your machine and the API. From what I can see, the only way to fix it is to completely remove the integration and set it up again. There’s a removal tool discussed here - https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/smartthings/#debugging

And available here:

That is the exact procedure I did about 4 times yesterday…

I don’t know what/why but finally the last time it worked, no lost events. I wish i knew what the error actually was, but i agree that it must have been some bad DNS record held on by the ST cloud.

Happy to say it works, still not so happy about how much of a blackbox the new platform is appearing to be.

Thanks for your help!

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Glad it’s working. When you changed to a new DNS provider, was the domain name still exactly the same? Not a dns expert, but every website on the internet has to be converted to an ip by a dns provider. Then your dns provider translates that IP again to your machine’s ever changing external ip address, so there’s really two ip translations going on, you just don’t see the first one.

I believe when the internet converts the domain name to ip, which it does for every website online, that underlying ip changes when you change your dns provider, even though your www.domain.com was the same as before. If so it may have taken a little time for the dns search providers to update everything to point to the new ip address on the new website. Some DNS providers might have updated right away and those routes worked, while others didn’t? Might be wrong and could be off on the terms, but that’s my guess.

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