Home monitor compability

I am playing arround with the standard home monitor app in smartthings but it doesnt seem to reckonize my xiaomi aqara open/close sensors nor the aeon multisensors. I can select the xiaomi door sensors during the inital setup, but they are no longer listed when i want to active it. As for the multisensors, i would expect being able to use the sensor to detect movement, but those dont show up at all.

Is this app only compatible with Samsung devices or should i try something different?

EDIT: i’ve just installed the classic app and it works fine here, sensors and door contacts are both identified by the app and working… ? so it looks to be an issue with the new app.

It could also be an issue with the DTH that you are using not being full compatible with the new app and STHM. Are you using a custom DTH for the aeon multi? If you are change it to the default ST DTH and see if you still have the same issue.

It’s a very old DTH, so that could be it for the aeon. Will try tomorrow
The Xiaomi handler is up to date but but not sure about the compatibility for this purpose… might very well be the issue.

How do those sensors behave elsewhere in the app? Meaning do they display sensibly in the dashboard and on the detail pages?

Yes, both work fine, no issues in the new or old ST app.