Home Depot's new "works with" filter for smart home



This was interesting. Home Depot has a new search filter, “works with” for their smart home category. You can search by works with: Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, Nest, SmartThings, or Wink. Or any combination thereof.


@tyler @slagle

(Ron Talley) #2

WTH is This?!

(might be my fake name?) #3

Those are speakers

(Ron Talley) #4

Yeah, but it says that it works with SmartThings…Looking at the documentation now.

(might be my fake name?) #5

Someone who sits in an office and works for Home Depot probably thought since they said Samsung on them, that they work with Samsung smart things!!

(Ron Talley) #6

All I see is control by Samsung Audio Remote App. Don’t see anything like Samsung Multiroom Audio system. Got excited for a second.

(Brad) #7

It’s not a Works with SmartThings device but looking at the code, that model should discover with SmartThings.

(Ron Talley) #8

Looking at the code, what functionality would one have via SmartThings?

(Jimmy) #9

This is…interesting. Lots of random stuff like cable modems and wifi mesh systems.

(Brad) #10

Yeah…we are reaching out to Home Depot about the unsupported devices.

(Brad) #11

Should be similar to other LAN speakers, Play/Pause/Stop, Previous/Next Track, and Volume/Mute