Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

As close as 8ft to as far as 20ft

I have used it with both. Alexa occasionally forgets that a particular device once existed and you have to rediscover the device, while Google works perfectly and offer more features if you name a device something like “Amare Fan”, it will launch a google search for “Amari Fan” on the web 90% of the time

I’ve been waiting for a good zwave solution that supports light and fan myself, but at this rate, you might have to wait a lonnng time. There seems to be a lean towards zigbee as of late …for the major brands at least

I’ve had connectivity issues with one of these in my master bedroom and added a ST plugin outlet which also acts as a zigbee repeater…haven’t had a problem since. The other ones in my living area have worked perfectly.

For voice commands…things are different depending on what solution you use. From the feedback we received, it should work fine with Google Home. For the Echo…you may need to change the default name of your fan light device. Here’s why:

By default let’s say you name your device, “Living Room Fan”. This handler creates the following devices:

  • Living Room Fan
  • Living Room Fan Light
  • Living Room Fan Low
  • Living Room Fan Medium
  • Living Room Fan Medium Hi
  • Living Room Fan Hi

The last 4, that have the fan speeds, are hidden from the main things view but can be exposed for Alexa/Google voice control.

The issue some have run into with the Echo has to do with the fact that Alexa sees “Living Room Fan” and “Living Room Fan Light” as the same device. That applies to anything you have setup for Alexa control. If you have a wall switch named “Bedroom Light”…Alexa will allow you to control it by saying “turn off bedroom” or “turn off bedroom light”. My recommendation would be to rename the light device to something other than Light.

In my personal implementation of this, my light device defaults to “Living Room Fan Lamp” to avoid this problem, but you can simply rename the light device to anything that makes sense… other than LIGHT.


which zwave plug did you buy that has ZigBee repeater in it as well?

It wasn’t a zwave outlet. It was the official SmartThings zigbee outlet that also acts as a repeater.

You can also get the Iris Smart Plug which acts as repeater for Zigbee and Z-Wave. DTH is here:

Hi one of my Fan lost connection, I can’t pairing again, I cant reset, by wall remote I can control any idea?

I reset mine with the old turn it on for 3 seconds, then turn it off for 3 seconds - 5 times in a row. When the device is reset the light will blink off and on. This may take a few tries to get it right.

Once it resets, it will either rejoin the ST network automatically - or you can go to the app and click Find New Devices and it should blink once it rejoins the network.

This method also works with pretty much every zigbee bulb I’ve ever used on ST.

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Any advice on getting the reset process right? I’m having issues getting my fan to pair, and no matter how many times I try, I can’t get the “blink three times to confirm factory reset”

Has it paired at all? Like, even once?

My very first fan unit would not pair. I tried for over a week. I could definitely get the light to reset - but never to pair with the ST hub. I called the support phone number, who tried to pass me off to Wink support. I eventually got them to give me to the actual manufacturer (who turned out to be the King of Fans number) and they sent out a replacement unit the next day. It worked easily.

So my advice - keep at it. Try it with the wall switch and the breaker, as many times as possible. Try it faster. Try it slower.

If you get the fan light to blink and reset - but it still won’t pair with ST - call KoF directly and tell them you have a faulty unit and they’ll take care of you.

Well, here’s the whole story:

I set up the fan (relatively far from the ST hub) and it would not initially pair. I figured it was a range issue, so I ran a long network cable to the same room as the fan and put my hub on the floor. After putting the hub in pairing mode and turning the fan off and on a bunch of times it magically showed up on the ST app and everything was great.

I figured that I should add a zigbee repeater in the same room as the fan, so I did that, but wasn’t able to control the fan with my hub back in its full-time home. Some zigbee devices don’t like to choose a new parent automatically, so I figured I would reset the fan and re-add it with the repeater in place. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck with this setup.

Even through the initial setup I wasn’t able to get the fan to reset, so I’m beginning to think I may have a bad unit. As of last night I had more or less resigned myself to calling for a replacement, so I’ll probably go that route after another several attempts at the reset.

I turn off my device for two days, today I try again same issue I cant reset.


Move the hub near the fan again, unplug repeater and pair. Put hub back, plug repeater back in then remove power and batteries from hub for 30 minutes. This makes zigbee devices go into panic mode, Power the hub back up and they will rebuild the network.


Ok so i have a 3 speed fan with light utilizing the harbor breeze Thermostat control. With it im able to use the remote to turn the light on, off, dim, and control the fan speed.

Whats the best route given your experience to get this setup working with smarththings?

Thank you @celblazer I will try this on weekend, my hub are in first floor and fan on second.

ok so luckily for me, i live in the same city as King of Fans and was able to pick up a MR101Z controller. I didnt buy the remote because i assumed i could just use my harbor breeze remote. I installed the unit and im getting nothing. the dip switches are configured the same

Let me know if you figure it out. I have a Harbor Breeze fan with remote (reverse on the remote, btw) and I have been considering ordering the receiver thinking that I can use my old remote.

I have read that there are two versions of the remote for this - one with the reverse button and one without. Are there also two versions of the receiver, or does the same receiver work for both the remote reverse & the reverse switch on the fan versions?

What are the model numbers of the versions that support reverse on the remote?


looks like its not meant to work. When I was buying the controller, i turned down the offer for the remote in an attempt to save a few bucks and the young lady on the other end promised id call her back for the remote.

You can check your old remote for its FCC ID and then enter it on the FCC’s website to determine the frequency it runs on. I don’t remember which frequency the KoF remote runs on, but if you look at the pics in the first post you can see it’s FCC ID and check the same way.

If they don’t run on the same frequency, your old remote definitely won’t work. These fan remotes from various manufacturers usually operate in a range from about 380 MHz to 405 MHz or so.

thanks for that. the two remotes do indeed run on two different frequencies.

The Harbour Breeze thermostat remote uses 302.739-302.739 MHz

The KOF Remote uses 304.25-304.25 MHz