Home connect work as Wi-Fi router and repeater?

Samsung home connect
Hi there, my name is Joseph. I am still getting used to smart things altogether but I am finding it working really well. However my Wi-Fi router isn’t great (netgear n300) so I’m trying to find an alternative Wi-Fi router. That is when I can across the home connect router. My question is does this act as both a Wi-Fi router and repeater or only Wi-Fi router. Then I can add another one as a repeater or Wi-Fi mesh system? Either way will it help boost my Wi-Fi and also help communicate with my smart things sensors? Let me know. Thanks.

The Connect Home and the new SmartThings WiFi are both a mesh WiFi system that has a SmartThings hub built in. But it won’t enhance your current SmartThings hub. You would have to start from scratch with the new mesh WiFi system.

both systems can act as routers. but not mixed. i.e. you can build mesh of connect home or new smartthings wifi. you don’t need another router between connect home and modem. both systems should also repeat zwave/zigbee signals. I added another connect home pro to base one, however don’t know if second unit acting as zwave/zigbee repeater.

So if that is the case should I just buy a stronger Wi-Fi router and then a smaller plug in repeater to ensure all my devices downstairs are communicating? Sounds like it would cost the same and save me some hassle re working things in the system.

no, you can use samsung mesh

Ok. Cool, well I really appreciate the help. I’m going to electronic express and going to buy two of them today and hook an up. We will see what happens.

The Samsung Home Connect subs (satellites) will act as Z wave and Zigbee repeaters to your main unit connected to your modem.