Smarthings Hub V2 with Connect Home Pro (Verified as a repeater for zwave and zigbee)

(George) #1

Im wondering if I connect my “Connect Home pro” routers on the same network as my smartthings hub, if the those hub will also act as a zigbee/zwave booster regardless if they are different hubs?

Hope that make sense!

Smartthings Hub V2 vs. Samsung Connect Home? Switching
Smartthings Hub V2 vs. Samsung Connect Home? Switching
(Nathan Curtis) #2

You can use the wifi part of the CHP, but like the V2 hub, the CHP acts on its own and cannot be used as a repeater in a network. In fact if you have multiple CHP units only one of the units can be used as a smart home ZWave hub/zigbee coordinator.

So if you already have a SmartThings V2 hub you probably will not use the ST functionality of this device.

(George) #3

Really? Thats crazy. To be honest, I feel like lights and stuff turn on a bit faster. Maybe its just me.

So how do you decide which hub you can use of there all meshed together

(Nathan Curtis) #4

Unsure - dont have one myself for the reason mentioned above. It’s a very frequent request. That said, I strongly suspect it’s the first one setup.

(George) #5

Just found this … guess it does work

“Using the Samsung Connect Home, you can replace your current router with a router that has a SmartThings Hub built-in, extend the range of your Wi-Fi network using the Connect Home sub hubs, and as if that weren’t good enough, you can even use the sub hubs as ZigBee and Z-Wave repeaters”

(Nathan Curtis) #6

then this is new - this was considered asked and answered last year. I didn’t see a date on that article unfortunately, I’d love to know when it changed. And Im glad it did.

(Jimmy) #7

Interesting. It I’m guessing the CH satellites only repeat for the main CH unit, and not another SmartThings hub like the V2.

(George) #8

So think I need to somehow migrate my things over?

(Jimmy) #9

I would confirm with support, but most likely yes. Reset everything and start from scratch.

(George) #10

Would that mean I would need to create all new automations or just repair my things?

(Jimmy) #11

Yup. Start from scratch.

(George) #12

Just got confirmation!~



This means that i can continue to use the hubv2 as the master or i have to change all the things to the hub inside connect home to use the repeater function?

(George) #14

i think only pro hubs with pro hubs can extend the range. not just the ST hub