Smarthings Hub V2 with Connect Home Pro (Verified as a repeater for zwave and zigbee)

Im wondering if I connect my “Connect Home pro” routers on the same network as my smartthings hub, if the those hub will also act as a zigbee/zwave booster regardless if they are different hubs?

Hope that make sense!

You can use the wifi part of the CHP, but like the V2 hub, the CHP acts on its own and cannot be used as a repeater in a network. In fact if you have multiple CHP units only one of the units can be used as a smart home ZWave hub/zigbee coordinator.

So if you already have a SmartThings V2 hub you probably will not use the ST functionality of this device.

Really? Thats crazy. To be honest, I feel like lights and stuff turn on a bit faster. Maybe its just me.

So how do you decide which hub you can use of there all meshed together

Unsure - dont have one myself for the reason mentioned above. It’s a very frequent request. That said, I strongly suspect it’s the first one setup.

Just found this … guess it does work

“Using the Samsung Connect Home, you can replace your current router with a router that has a SmartThings Hub built-in, extend the range of your Wi-Fi network using the Connect Home sub hubs, and as if that weren’t good enough, you can even use the sub hubs as ZigBee and Z-Wave repeaters”

then this is new - this was considered asked and answered last year. I didn’t see a date on that article unfortunately, I’d love to know when it changed. And Im glad it did.

Interesting. It I’m guessing the CH satellites only repeat for the main CH unit, and not another SmartThings hub like the V2.

So think I need to somehow migrate my things over?

I would confirm with support, but most likely yes. Reset everything and start from scratch.

Would that mean I would need to create all new automations or just repair my things?

Yup. Start from scratch.

Just got confirmation!~


This means that i can continue to use the hubv2 as the master or i have to change all the things to the hub inside connect home to use the repeater function?

i think only pro hubs with pro hubs can extend the range. not just the ST hub