Home Automation mostly broken

Hey Forum, most of my home automation is broken. :pensive:

When I went to take a look at things I was forced to use the new smartthings app. This appears to be the only thing that has changed. It was all ticking along nicely then after it stopped working I had to use the new app. Here is an overview of what I have going on:

10 Button push switch controlling blinds:
The 10 button push switch activates a virtual switch which triggers a webcore routine to make the blinds go all the way up, all the way down, slats open, slats close. Stopped for both blinds that use it.

Alexa integration:
Alexa controls lights and blinds and a few other things. All alexa controls work via triggering a virtual switch which then does the business in WebCore.

Qubino Relays:
Control blinds and lights. I have some relays that are voice triggered (alexa) and some that are hard triggered via electrical input. The ones triggered by electrical input work OK but the ones that are monitored in WebCore then react based on their status have stopped working.

Its either a virtual switch issue or a webcore integration issue. I have a feeling its webcore but may be both. Any advice on how to fix please?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

What’s the brand and model of the 10 button device, and what DTH are you using for it?

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Hi I am using a Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master with DTH listed as [erocm123 : Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master.

Both of the 10button switch pads are showing as offline.

I was previously able to control things by switching the virtual swith via the ST app on my phone as well but this is also no longer working.

It appears that the virtual switches aren’t working or the webcore integration is broken.

I haven’t done anything at all in terms of updates for over a year now. Maybe its something to do with that? Could you suggest some follow up actions for me to look into in terms of system updates and patches etc?


Unfortunately several things can be going wrong here, and a lot changed where things that worked in the old app didnt automatically come over.

First we should rule out a problem with the virtual switch. Does the switch show up in the app? Can you toggle the switch in the app? Does Alexa respond to the request to turn it on and off? If all yes, try creating a simple automation right in the new app like turn on a light when the virtual switch comes on, so we can bypass webcore and see if the virtual switch works. I’m not sure how you created the virtual switches, but if they’re not responding or you used some old handler, you’ll need to delete them and add them back. I really doubt this is a virtual switch problem though, but we need to rule that out first.

Second, for the webcore piston you’re using, mind posting the anonymous snapshot and log data when you try to execute it? That could give clues if something is going wrong there.

Finally, for the remotec device, is this the handler you’re using? https://github.com/smartish-home/erocm123.SmartThingsPublic/blob/90a5bb43f133bb4d0e3ee5f833a46ff3800be345/devicetypes/erocm123/remotec-zrc-90-scene-master.src/remotec-zrc-90-scene-master.groovy . If so, it is old and missing code for button values the new app requires. So it likely is not compatible with the new app. It should be easy enough to fix, but it’s not my code. Tagging @erocm1231 to see if he can provide an update or if he would be ok with me doing an update to add the buttonvalue code to his handler.

I saw this thread as well, it appears someone was trying to fix the handler. The device handler is likely causing most problems here [RELEASE] Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Button Device Supporting 24 Unique Button Commands

Yes, as per that thread I put together a patch which supports that device in zwave-multi-button.groovy, however the new SmartThings Android app doesn’t really support an 8-button controller (it ignores configuration as to which button actions are available). I commented on a relevant thread about the bugs in the new app but received no response. It appears new SmartThings is somewhat abandoned?

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Note, @erocm1231 mentioned elsewhere that he no longer has one of these devices and is not working on this device handler anymore.

I actually wrote a patch to his handler to do things the new way, and then decided it was better to integrate into the zwave-multi-button handler, for two reasons. Firstly, it’s common code across several devices so it is more likely to be kept updated with core changes, and there are no fundamental differences between this and some of the devices supported there (except the number of buttons). Secondly, the different namespace was causing subtle problems which are avoided by just using the smartthings namespace.

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I’ve worked around that with other multi button handlers, like the go control wall switch , and jasco switches [RELEASE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch WA00Z-1 (see post #79 for Nov 2020 version) , by assigning everything to button 1, but using a combination of the 22 different supported button values (ie “up_2x” “down_3x” etc) mentioned in the capabilities documentation . I’m sure something along those lines could be used here. https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/docs/api-ref/capabilities.html

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Yes the virtual switches show up in the app. I can toggle them as well but they do nothing.
Alexa cant see the virtual switches: “sorry I didn’t find a device named double room close blind”

I created the virtual switches via a web interface directly into smartthings. The virtual switches all fire pistons in WebCore.

I have just done a discover devices with Alexa. No new devices found.

Here is the config page of one of my virtual switches. They are all installed the same. I see an update option there maybe thats worth a punt?

I’ll break this down into component parts and fix one before moving onto the next so will leave out the push buttons for now as they are at the end of the chain. Same for Alexa.

If the manual operation of the virtual switch doesn’t work its either a problem with the switch or a problem with the webcore integration. I don’t think its talking to webcore becuase I added code in webcore to turn off the switch after executing the job, effectively turning the toggle switch into a push button. When I toggle it it stays on.

Thanks for providing the link to the DTH, i’ll give that a go when manual switch operation is working.

Ok try going to type and from the drop down on that same screen you posted for each switch, and select “virtual switch” instead of simulated switch. Then click “update”. That should get the virtual switches working again, and recognized by Alexa.

You can also try this momentary switch device handler. It creates a virtual switch that automatically turns off, without needing to have a separate piston or automation to shut it off. You can change how long it takes to turn off under preferences.