HMI/SCADA type of interface

My day job is in Industrial automation with PLC’s and HMI/SCADA software and have only just started to play with home automation. I am finding myself getting frustrated at the lack of graphical design I can do with ST, I would have expected there to be an app for my laptop where I could show my house, navigate around rooms, show devices statuses, trend data such as power, temp etc. Basically do the things I currently do easily in my job but seem unable to do with ST.
Is there something out there I am missing that can give me this kind of functionality? I would have thought the user interface would more important.

Home Remote or ActionTiles are the two best I’ve found so far, but nothing on the same level as a PLC HMI software, unfortunately.

ActionTiles has a really stripped down configuration system which makes it much more accessible. Unfortunately, you can’t customize much on the layout side. Best I’ve been able to do is embed different rooms tabbed page so far.

Home Remote is very in depth, but I found it a struggle to lay out and add devices cleanly.

I’m still hoping for a design software that you could drag and drop devices and capabilities into more intuitively and build around a room or house plan, but I’m not enough of a programmer. If you wanted something more complex then those, you’ll likely have to build it yourself…

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That has sort of been done in SmartTiles, but unfortunately that app is being deprecated in favor of ActionTiles.
I know a few people uploaded a custom background to their SmartTiles dashboard which was a layout of their house and placed items based on that.

Thanks all, I have signed up for Actiontiles, not really what I was hoping for but as you say there is nothing out there right now.