Best interface to show on big flat screen TV with charts for monitoring

I have smarthings with 20 light switches/dimmers, main door lock, 5 motion sensors, garage doors, 2 ecobee thermostats, etc.
[not relevant for the question here] I also have harmony , rachio irrigation controller.

I also have a few google home mini but they are just for fun. My definition of home automation is that I don’t have to click or say something to make it happen otherwise it defeats the purpose. So, there are motion sensors and schedules set to do things automatically.

I am planning to install a power meter, a water meter, water shutoff with leak sensors and some security cameras.

My question: I would like to put a nice big screen of TV (may be 32 inches) in the hallway that will be visible from kitchen and living room. This is not a touch screen TV and I don’t care about people clicking on stuff to turn them on or off (there are plenty of switches/buttons and google home for that). My main goal is to show charts and “information” for power consumption, water consumption, status of garage doors (if it can be a picture, the better), locks and several other things. What does everyone use to show a hi-tech interface? ActionTiles/SmartTiles is one option but it does not look that impressive for what I am trying to do (may work great for a small tablet). The snappier it can look with colorful charts and widgets, the better!

Is anyone doing something similar? I run a small 24x7 windows server and I am open to installing something there, if needed, for this project.

There is no logging inherent to SmartThings so the first thing you’d need to do is implement or write something to constantly log the info somewhere. Then you’d have to build a interface to get data from SmartThings for status. Then you’d have to build a dashboard/website to use that information.

ActionTiles is the best pre-made solution to “dashboard” your system and its pretty cheap for what it does. I’m not saying you can’t do it but it will take a lot of work to even get to the level of ActionTiles let alone display everything you are looking to display.


Thanks. Although, I consider myself a excellent DIY’er and used to do coding at the start of my professional life, I am not trying to build this solution myself. I was thinking maybe there is a open source or paid solution for IOT that you install (cloud or local linux/windows), connect it to Smartthings (and other controllers) and it does this for you!

Here are a couple other dashboards;

Sharptools has a customizable dashboard-

I also saw this project and thought it was visually appealing-

These might be starting points? I don’t use either at this time so can’t answer any questions.


You’ll want to look at this Customer’s “Grafana” based big-screen dashboard…

The link is directly to the relevant Facebook Post.

If you want to try HousePanel help is available on its main thread. I check it fairly often. The latest version is more customizable than ever using a built in GUI editor and should nicely support a big screen.