Hive thermostats not showing

Hi. New to customs things. Have followed the awesome guide on here and got my hive hub in ST but I still cannot see the thermostats. Have restarted the app numerous times but no joy. Any ideas.?

You would have been far better posting this on the Hive post David.
Can you explain a bit more what your doing and where it’s going wrong.
Are you using the latest version of device handler and and smartapp as theres a older version somewhere.

Sorry, still learning my way around this forum, took a punt!
As far as I know I am up to date as followed the guide from here and all apps on phone are up to date. I’ll double check maybe.

No problem,
Can you confirm this is the guide you’ve been following?

So are all the device handlers and SmartApp installed and published ok.

Oh, don’t think it is! They are there and published but think maybe I need use this guide. Sorry, again not know where to go on this site just yet. Thank you and I’ll give this a shot and get back to you.

No worries make sure you delete any of the old stuff you’re not going to use first.

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Legend!! got it working following the guide you linked, thank you!

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No problems it’s Alyc100 who did all the hard work.