Hive and SmartThings

How do I connect hive to SmartThings? As it doesn’t seem to show up thanks

Everything you need to know is here: [RELEASE] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive)

You need to install device handlers and a smartapp, give it your Hive details, and you’re sorted - it then just appears as a thermostat to ST, so as well as controlling it with the “thing” in your ST app, you can use CoRE and routines to control it too.

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Hi, this looks awesome but I think I’ve gone wrong somewhere along setting it up. I’ve installed version 3 of the connect smart app and device handlers for heating and hot water. I logged in from the smart app but can’t find the thermostat in my ‘things’ list and if I try to add it on new things or thermostats it’s not there to choose.

EDIT: When I logged in I had an ‘unknown error’ banner which I closed and hit save. When going back in again and typing my username and password again a new screen came up showing me the devices detected and I was able to choose them. It’s all working now :smiley: