Help with multi-location development

Current state - I have a device handler that is being updated by a Smartapp which is in turn being updated by a python script that periodically sends updated values to the Smarapp endpoint.

Future State - I have installed the Smartapp into a second location but I cannot figure out what I need to do so that the Python script can update that location. Am I using the same oauth client id and access token for both locations? If so what changes in my calls from one location to the other? How do I find the value of the parameter that needs to change between locations (i.e. is in in the IDE in Smarthings?).

I think I am not understanding the connection now that I have a second location to run across and the relationship with my account.

The OAuth installation flow will issue a unique “installation ID” which is used in the URI for the REST calls.

This occurs for multiple installations of any sort… Same Location or different Locations.