Override Smart Lighting Automation with scenes

I have my lights set to turn on at 15 percent when motion is sensed at night. This keeps you from getting blinded bit give you enough light to see.

Sometime I want to be able to see at night. I would like to have a scene that will override and pause the smart Lighting app program for a hour, the return to regular programing. I could do this with webcore and routines but I can’t get the old app and my routines. I also had some issue with webcore not working properly so I switched to smart lighting app and find it much easier.

I would also like to be able to tell alexa to turn on all the lights as an over ride. Does anyone know how I can go about doing this?

Please help or point me in a direction!

Create a virtual switch - call it something like override
Add criteria to your Smartlighting automation such thay it will not run When this switch is on
Tell Alexa to turn on the override

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I do something similar. I have a virtual device for each room where I can tell Alexa to turn off the automations for that room, she turns off the virtual switch which pauses the corresponding piston in Webcore.

Then I manipulate the lights however I want and they’ll stay that way. When I’m done, I tell Alexa to turn on automations for that room and everything goes back to normal the next time motion triggers the resumed piston.

How do I create a virtual switch?

New app homescreen>tap hamburger in upper left>tap Smart Apps>tap waterfall in upper right>tap smartthings labs>tap virtual switch (2nd from bottom)>Follow the prompts.

There’s also a more complex way of doing it in the IDE but since the IDE access will eventually go away and this solution works, I recommend it.

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