Alexa Helper and Amazon Echo question

I’ve created a virtual switch and added Alexa Helper, then I ran device discovery in Alexa and it has discovered the Night Mode switch.
My idea was to tell Alexa to turn on “Night Mode” and it would utilize existing rule of “Sleep Week days” to turn off all the lights, lock the door and turn on lights in my bedroom. I tell Alexa “turn on Night Mode” she says ok, but nothing happens.
Here are my prnt screen from the phone.

What am I doing wrong?

Tagging @MichaelS (author of Alexa Helper)

if you really made a virtual/simulated switch (as appears by the plug icon)

then you probably don’t want to set the smartapp for momentary (as for a simulated button)

I’m guessing. Looking at the smartapp, seems like it should still work since it triggers for “on”, not the transition to “off”.

I am not seeing anything obvious in your set up. Have you looked at the logs when you activate the virtual switch? I would be interested in seeing if it actually ‘trips’. If you are not familiar with the IDE, you can also look in the recent activity in the switch itself to see if it trips. If it doesn’t, check the Echo app in ST to see if the switch is actually seen. Finally, change the name of the switch to something like night. Mine is called Night Mode as well so it Should work, but you never know…Livingroom for me didn’t work, but living room did.

Let me know what you see.

Interestingly enough, the “Switch Activates Home Phrase” works no problem (see prnt screen).
So it is definately not the switch issue with the Alexa helper, but most likely me not being able to figure out what I am doing wrong with it.