Echo Dot as a Switch to play music when a virtual switch is activated?

I have an echo dot that I want to pull in as a device into webcore and use with a vitrual switch. EX.
if lets chill switch is on
then dim lights to 30 percent
turn on fan
and play a song or playlist on the echo dot via apple music.

Is this possible?


IF you can have the music that you want play as part of an echo routine (not a SmartThings routine) then You can indeed have a virtual switch being turned on in SmartThings trigger an echo routine if you live in a region where echo routines can be initiated by a sensor. (As of this writing, this works in the US and the UK.)

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

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Check out Echo Speaks. It allows for your Echo Dot to be a “Thing” in SmartThings and has way more capabilities than just a Switch.


Note: From what i understand from other users here, the ability to run an Alexa routine using a switch as a trigger is currently not available in all regions.

Good point. It’s available in the US and the U.K. at the present time. I’ve updated my post above. That was already mentioned in the FAQ that I linked to.

Also, to be clear, I didn’t go into all the details in my post above because they are covered in the FAQ. But you have to use a device handler with both capabilities. It will look like a switch to SmartThings so you can turn it on and off easily, even from the official smart lights feature. But it will look like a sensor to Echo because at the present time, you can’t use what looks like a switch in Alexa to trigger an Echo routine. But you can have a virtual device that looks like both a switch and a sensor and use the sensor part to start the echo routine in regions where Amazon support that.

Again, the details on all of this are in the FAQ. :sunglasses: