IFTTT + Echo Speaks

So here is what I’m trying to do, but I’m not sure of the best way. I have an aquarium controller that can email / text me when there is an issue. For example, if the temperature gets over a specific set point, I get a text and an email.

My problem is that if something happens in the middle of the night, I’ll never hear the single “ding” from my phone.

I wanted to find a way for Echo Speaks to notify me if that email is received and perhaps even turn on some lights. How would I go about doing something like that?

One option - Look at webCoRE and you should be able to accomplish what you want.

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I’m actually using webCoRe, but my problem is that I can’t even figure out where to start. It looks like I might need to purchase a subscription to IFTTT before I can even start making my own recipes.