Help with 3-way GE smart switch install

So Im putting 3 smart switches and 3 smart addon switches in our apartment. I first started with the four-way switch and that was too confusing so stopped. I got the first single switch to work fine. I watch the YouTube video on how to do a three-way including using a multi meter and my circuit breaker trips every time I try to turn it on. What could be going on?

Short circuit probably. There are quite a few posts about 3 ways switch on this forum. You can do a search and read up to see which one match up with your case. The YouTube video is probably for one standard 3 ways. There are at least 8 different circuits for 3 ways. You can take pictures at both boxes with the switches still hookup and see if we can help.

I pretty much did my entire house with GE switches. The short answer is that the auxiliary switches don’t get a hot wire. They get a traveler wire, a neutral wire and a ground wire. You cap the line with a wire nut or wire the line and load together with a wire nut. That simply completes the circuit and allows the main switch to control the power. The auxiliary switch simply sends a signal via the traveler wire to turn the main switch off or on. The auxiliary, or add on switch, draws its low power requirements from the neutral wire. If you don’t have a neutral wire in a box you’ll need to pull one.

Take a look at this diagram:

That’s a pretty good example of converting a standard 3 ways circuit to smart GE 3 ways but if the line hot and neutral going to the light fixture first then down to the switches then it won’t work with GE switches. So I would wait for more info before he shorts more things out. :wink:

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First Switch. I think this is the add-on. I used multimeter and the red wire measured 233. The black wire on black screw was zero and black wire with gold screw was 0.

I think this is the main switch. The Red wire measured 232, black with black screw head 150 and black with black screw head 0.

So which one is my line, which is load, and which is main/addon switch?

Just to point out. Left one is apart of 3 way. Middle one is standalone for kitchen lights (which I can’t get to work) and Right one is apart of 4 way switch for living room.

And I used this video to hook everything up first time, which didn’t work.

What am I doing wrong?

Follow @cberger62 steps should work. Sounded like the first picture is your add on and second is your master. Your line is on the black screw of your second picture and your load is the black screw of the first picture. I would measure the voltage again using your neutral white wire for your meter negative for more accurate reading. 233v is a floating reading unless you are outside north America?