Help Wiring GE 3 way switches

I purchased the GE Smart switch (12727) and companion switch (12728) for my kitchen which is wired to a single light with a switch on either entrance to the kitchen.

This is a picture of the primary switch as it stands today;
This is a picture of the other switch (furthest from circuit breaker);

I’m totally confused on how to wire this properly. I have installed many other single switches without issue. I keep reading about a traveler wire but I don’t have a red wire in my house. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Fist step is to figure out which wiring configuration you have. this site is godo to look at the options and map out what you have in your boxes

The traveler may not be red.

Thanks! That helped and was able to sort it out. In my case the white was the traveler.

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Yeah, the electrician doesn’t have to follow color codes. So figuring out how it is before you modify it is most of the battle.