Help wiring a smart switch alongside a separate regular switch with one power line in

I’m looking for help with wiring to install a smart switch alongside a regular switch in a 2-gang box. I’m not sure how to handle the neutral wire the smart switch needs because all of the white (assume are neutral) wires are currently bound together with a wire nut.

This is a 2-gang box with one set of wires coming in with power, and then two switches each separately wired up to separate lights. I only want to make one of the switches smart which needs a neutral line for the switch.

Here is a drawing of the wires in the box. I used gray for wires which are white, yellow for bare copper wires, and red for all other wires.

  1. How do I undo / re-wire the neutrals to work properly?

  2. Is it okay for the ground / bare wires to all be twisted together after installing the smart switch? Am I supposed to undo the wire bundle and connect any to the ground spot on either switches?

If it matters, I’m using the GE Z-Wave Plus SKU # 14291 on/off switch (no dimming).

Thanks in advance!

you add a white pigtail neutral, 4-5 inches long, to go to your smart switch. It is nutted to all the others that you have drawn green.

same for the ground.

Thanks, it worked!