Help troubleshoot ZTS-110 thermostats

I’ve got three ZTS-110 Thermostats, one per floor of my house. I woke up this morning - BRRR! All three were off. I’m in New Hampshire and it’s snowing. Used the interface to turn them on.

I looked at the devices and then clicked “List Events” - They all turned off at almost exactly the same time: Last night at 9:33:33 (one was a second later).

I clicked on the date/time they turned off: “eventSource: DEVICE”.

I DO run RBoy’s " 5-2 Day Thermostat" but that only changes the desired temperature on a schedule.

Power was not lost last night at that time, nor was internet.

My Hub’s Events shows no activity at that time.

Both my spouse and I were watching TV, nobody else lives here.

All three thermostats are powered and have batteries for backup.

Three separate thermostats shutting off at the exact same time. Someone please help me troubleshoot so I can solve this and not have a repeat please.

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Someone please take a swing at this? You can imagine how upsetting this would be.

There’s really no easy way to figure this out anymore because of the lack of logging now happening. Your best bet would be to contact ST support and be willing to put up with terrible support, unfortunately.

Yep. I’m not going to bother. I’ve been slowly bringing my stuff over to Home Assistant - was going to keep the thermostats on ST. Heh, not anymore!

Do you have Alexa or Google Home at home? I’ve seen Alexa accidentally pick up a random conversation and turn a thermostat off :slight_smile:

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mos def alexa be wak

I do have Google, but I cut it off from SmartThings a few weeks ago. I suppose it could have gone through Home Assistant, but three thermostats with different names? I’m going to see if there’s anything in the Google home logs! Thanks for the idea!

I looked in the logs - I found out that I commanded Google “Hey Google, turn on Let Dogs Out” and I listened to the recording (didn’t know it saved that!) and I over-enunciated, as I usually do. CLearly, “turn on let dogs out” sounds EXACTLY like “turn all thermostats off”! :slight_smile:

Meh, at least I know what happened.


Glad to know you figured it out, voice assistants can have unintended consequences:))

Since you’re already using RBOY APPS you may want to check out this device handler for your ZTS-110 to take advantage of a few additional features through ST

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LOL, good find. Both my parents have very thick Greek accents and voice assistants don’t go over well at their house…

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Happened again this morning, and I realized that both times, it was because we gave Google an incorrect voice command and then tried to cancel, stop, fix it. “Hey Google, turn off bathroom fan. Crap wait, no, Google cancel…” That kind of thing.

The fix? I’m only keeping SmartThings for my thermostats, and my distant outdoor sensors (because it’s mid-winter in NH and I’m NOT going out there to mess with them) everything else is Home Assistant. So - the fix was simple. I unlinked SmartThings from Google. Done.

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