Help required - ActionTiles- Google assistant integration

Hey guys

I need some help. I am configuring action tiles fire tablet. I have an hot water smart switch that is integrated only with google assistant, it is not recognized by smartthings.
I am searching for an idea to add a tile on action tiles to control that device.
I have searched with no luck a way to change the device state from smartthings, searched for a smart app, ifttt, automation apps, no luck - failed with them all.
I tried to send an http request to assistant but I really dont know how to do that …
Any idea is welcome…

You can’t control Google Assistant connected devices from anywhere but within the Google Assistant. There is an application called Google Assistant Relay which allows you to send custom command toe the Google Assistant via ST but it requires a standalone NodeJS server running 24/7 and it doesn’t provide any feedback on whether the command was successful or not, so I would not recommend this method for something like a hot water switch.