Help needed to set up a ‘Goodnight’ automation

You guys helped me setup my Caseta Wireless On/Off switches to my motion sensor but I’d like to try some different automations. I have Caseta Wireless switches and Bridge, SmartThing’s Hub and both SmartThings apps, Echo Dot and Hub. I also have an Logitech Harmony Elite and Harmony Hub that I currently have Alexa turn Off & On my tv. I also have it set up so Alexa will turn Off/On the Caseta switches located in my basement where my TV is. Additionally Alexa turns Off/On my upstairs hallway Caseta light switch.

Here’s what I’d like to to do: Say Alexa ‘Goodnight’ and have it turn off my TV and basement lights… then turn On my upstairs hallway lights. Also if possible it would be nice to have a 20 second delay to turn Off the basement lights.

Is this possible and is it simple to do?

If you only want to do it via Alexa, use the Alexa app to create a routine.

Ok I did what you suggested and I got it working like I want but I don’t see a way to put in a delay for one of my lights turning off… maybe not possible.

From reading posts here it sounds like I need a virtual switch to create a timer but will it work with Caseta Switches?

I think Alexa has a “wait” action…haven’t used it but remember seeing it

Thank you! I had noticed ‘Wait’ just didn’t know how it worked got it figured out though. Routines I’m finding out are kind of like creating Macros on a remote which I’ve done a lot of.