Delayed routine responce

Is it possible to set a delay in a routine. Example. Alexa turn on goodnight, which normally turns off all my lights and security settings blah blah but I use it while I’m lying in bed via alexa or a button I have. I thought it might be cool if I said something like alexa turn on goodnight and after x minutes it would initiate. I could use this delay in many other applications also. Hhmmmm. Smartthings addict right here wheels are turning…lol…

Yep, but you have to use EchoSistant.

You can use core which subscribes to switch but then has a delay before anything else happens.

Or you can do something similar with a daisychain method. The idea is that instead of just having one virtual switch you have two. You have the first one be the one that echo turns on, but it doesn’t do anything except act as a virtual timer and then it turns itself off (using power allowance) after your desired delay. Now you have a second switch turn itself on when the virtual timer Switch turns itself off.

And now have the second switch turning on do whatever you want to have happen after your desired delay.

Bingo–specified delay before the events occur. :sunglasses: