Help needed for aqara motion sensor to work

I connected the sensor using the handler from bspranger, i edited the device and put it zigbee in IDE motion sensor but i cannot use it. I paired it with smartthings app .
Any advice

This photo is from the sensor

That log suggests you are using the ‘Zigbee Motion Detector’ device handler, or something like that. It certainly isn’t the ‘bspranger’ one.

If you have installed the ‘bspranger’ device handler, your ‘My Device Handlers’ page should have an entry like:


The ‘Published’ status is important. If it isn’t published go into the code by clicking on the handler name and click on the ‘Publish’ button, and then ‘For Me’ from the drop down box that appears.

If that handler had been available when you paired the device it should have been picked up. It doesn’t look like it was. So go to the ‘My Devices’ page and open up and edit your device. The ‘Type’ should be set to ‘Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor’, which will be right near the end of the list (you have to go past all the handlers starting A-Z, then all the a-z, before you come to your custom handlers).

This is my device handler that i used to connect . But motion doesnt seem to work.

On type of my devices I cannot find the xiaomi motion , i looked over the entire list

I thinks i saw what is my problem , device handlers are on us server and when i wany to see the devices i select my location / devices ( all listed) but when i select device handlers i dont have nothing installed but also i dont have the buttons “ commit changes , update from repo or settings” I only have + create new device handler or cloud button.

I had this problem I’m from the UK so in the end I have to copy and paste from github into ide UK server then the device handler will appear in the type drop down list.

I also bought the ST from UK so I think its the same issue. I will do that

Ah OK. I am in the UK but I am assigned the original shard. Please make sure you always use the URL to login to the IDE as a lot of old information predates the introduction of the different shards and suggests using the URL which might be wrong (I can safely use it because that is the shard I am on).

I only have a samsung account , i cannot login with ST account , i only have forgot pass and migrate to samsung account. I have the ST like a couple of months so I am really new

One thing I have noticed is the motion sensor icon is wrong on the new app its showing a door senor instead of the motion sensor icon :pensive:

Yes, I guess the illuminance capability gets in the way and confuses things. It just needs ocfDeviceType: "" adding to the definition, though I found it easier to create a new handler as I’ve not found a reliable way of making the change take.

Have you got a link to your device handler I’m using bspranger one at the moment it works fine except for wrong icon. It’s the aqara motion sensor.

I don’t have a link at the moment because I am still dismantling and reassembling it. The key is simply to change:

definition (name: "Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor", namespace: "bspranger", author: "bspranger") {


definition (name: "Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor", namespace: "bspranger", author: "bspranger", ocfDeviceType: "") {

If you are just copying it to a new one, you can safely change the name: to something unique.

Thank you that worked like you said had to make a new one as just changing the original didn’t work. Much appreciated :+1: