Help needed: Easy way to temporarily disable siren rule?

I am very new to all this. I’ve installed 3 August Pro Locks w/doorsense, and connected them to my Smart Things Hub. RBoy’s Universal Enhanced Z Wave Lock Handler and Door Lock User Code App. Everything works well, and I receive instant push notifications when my doors are opened. Alexa can lock doors, and report on lock status through voice command. I’ve just added a Aeotec Siren, and plan to use that as well. Here is my problem: I am hoping to use the siren to know if my husband, who suffers from dementia, opens an exterior door. I don’t want to delay the siren by more than a few seconds, as there are stairs outside the door that I would rather he not start down. However, I do not want the siren triggered every time I let the dogs in and out, check for mail, etc. I don’t know the best way to achieve this result. I’m thinking that maybe I could disarm the siren through an Alexa command, or through a physical sequence (unlock/lock/unlock, for example), but maybe I am dreaming. Can anyone direct me?

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I’ve changed your thread title, because in a smartthings context you’re actually going to temporarily stop the rule that causes the siren to go off, rather than the siren itself.

There are many different ways to do this, depending on how you set up the rule to have the siren go off to begin with.

So what are you using to Trigger the siren from the sensor? Is this part of smart home monitor? A smart home monitor custom alert? A routine? Smart lights automation?

The method you used to set up the rule will determine the method you can use to temporarily disable that rule. :sunglasses:

Thank you for the edit, that makes sense.Right n ow I use nothing. I will use the siren trigger rule that is most flexibly disabled. I want to create a rule which will sound when the door is opened, but which is easily enabled and disabled for daily activities. (Yesterday, when the bank asked my husband for the last four digits of his social security number, I helpfully whispered mine into his ear. Just so we’re clear on my level of incompetence !)

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Which version of the smartthings hub do you have? The rules options are a little different for different ones.

Oh, and I forgot to ask, do you need the rule to work even if the SmartThings cloud is not working? There is generally an outage of some kind about once a month, although it may only be for a few minutes. I ask because that will change which rules options can be used.

I have Version 2 of the Hub. I am not terribly concerned about power outages, because he is never here alone, and in the event of a power outage it would be clear that extra care would need to be taken on many levels. SmartThings cloud outage is another issue, though. I’ve never been aware of one occurring, so in some ways it is an odds game. I guess if I could do something that would be equally effective either way, I’d go for not needing the SmartThings cloud. If, on the other hand. there is a high cost of effectiveness for giving up the cloud, I would be willing to roll the dice and just hope the could was never down when I needed it. I am willing to purchase other equipment, if that would have a significant impact.

Are you currently using “mode” to control any of your rules?

I’m not totally up-to-date on the mobile app because VoiceOver navigation has been broken in it for quite a while. So I’m going to let other people respond now to the best way to set up an automation for you. There are several different alternative methods, so you can definitely do this, I just don’t want to rely just on my memory. :sunglasses:

Since you’ve already bought an @rboy license, he might have an idea, otherwise I’m sure other folks will jump in to help.

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Thank you for this!
Right now I am not using modes or scenes. I originally bought the Hub to control lights, which I do through Alexa, using created groups. I’ve set up a couple of rules through Lock User Management, just to play around with it, but that’s it.

Just tagging a few people who might be able to help do this without needing WebCore.

I’m thinking maybe just a temporary Mode change using Alexa via a routine (or your phone if you want to be quiet), but again I’m not up to date on the mobile app and I don’t want to steer you wrong.

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Also, @krlaframboise might have some thoughts about the siren.

You can get an iris keypad for about $10 ( which will allow you to enter a code and then arm or disarm it. You will need to use a custom DTH for the keypad.

The arm/disarm buttons can trigger a mode change which your Smart Home Monitor rule can use to determine whether or not the siren should turn on.

If there’s a SmartThings outage you won’t be able to arm or disarm it using the keypad, but if it’s already armed then the siren should still turn on. You should test that by removing the network cable from the hub to make sure.

If your siren DTH doesn’t run locally and it’s z-wave you should be able to configure it using your current DTH and then change it to one of the built-in z-wave siren or switch DTH that do run locally.

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My idea is two step
1 Set up a ST Routine similar to Goodbye. Instead of motion sensors that trigger and alert to motion when the house should be empty, have the lock trigger the alarm if the door opens. You can stay in the house like normal, but if a door is opened the alarm would sound.
2 install askAlexa from community developers here. Then you can tell Alexa to run or turn off the ST Routine you just created.

Thanks, y’all! I know that Alexa can’t run a routine that includes locks and sensors (only lights and thermostats), so that is disappointing. The keypad might be a simple solution if I can use it to quickly and easily arm/disarm

It’s easy to get Alexa to run a SmartThings routine that includes locks: you just have to set up the routine so it starts when a virtual switch comes on, and then Alexa thinks she’s just turning the switch on or off. AskAlexa is fantastic, but it’s actually overkill for this particular use case.

If you’re using Door Lock Code User Management SmartApp, there’s a feature in there within the Door Open/Close actions page where you can set a chime/tone device to beep whenever the door is opened.
If you have a compatible Tone device for SmartThings you could use that to set it off.
Alternatively since you already have a Aeotec alarm, you can customize it to set that off whenever the door is opened.
PM me if you need help DIY’ing your Aeotec device handler to work as a Tone/chime device to use with the Door Lock User Code Management SmartApp.