Help. Need outside outlet to extend zwave range

I have built a new detached garage. I want to put a z wave out in a weatherproof box on the outside wall of my home. Do the same on the outside wall of the new garage. (60 feet away or so). This extend the range of my z wave mesh.

What is the best outlet to use?

Or can I add a second hub?

This will only be used for door locks and garage door openers



I don’t know of any of zwave outlets which will pass a building code inspection for outdoor use in most US jurisdictions. That’s because most US jurisdictions require that new outdoor outlets be GFI. Instead, you can put in any outdoor outlet which is to code and then use one of the plug in outdoor zwave pocket sockets. The GE is very popular, but there are a couple of other brands.


I have two of these - one each in the front and back of the house for seasonal lights, a small water fountain and other various things. They work great.


What is the range for these?

Same as the range for any zwave plus device (almost all devices of the current generation transmit at the maximum power allowed by law :wink:).

Say 150 yards in dry clear open air with a clean line of sight to the next device. But you hardly ever get that in real life. I’d expect around 50 yards outdoors would cover even rainy days. (I notice the manufacturer has them spec’d at “150 feet,” which makes sense.) But it can vary a lot depending on local conditions.


I see they have a 2nd gen. What is the difference? Other than the price?

The newest one, model 14298, has the newest security and smart setup features, which is what “S2 enabled” means. Other than that I believe they’re the same specs.

But I believe that’s the third generation.

The second generation, GE 14284, was zwave plus. Much better range than the original.

The first generation, GE 12720, was classic zwave. :sunglasses:

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I have a couple of these plugged in outdoors in weatherproof boxes. They have held up just fine, but I live in CA for what it’s worth.

I will try a couple of these first

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