Help me out with Modes

I need some help understanding the modes. If I tap the 3 bars to the right of Dashboard I see the mode drop down. However they don’t match the modes I have listed in Hello, Home. What’s the difference between the two sets of modes?

They are somewhat interrelated. Hello Home phrases are like macros or scenes where they do a variety of actions, one of which is often setting a mode.

A mode is a static state used by smartapps to do or not do things. An example would be setting up an alert for motion, but only going off in away mode.

Whereas a HH phrase is ran and forgotten, the mode is maintained until it is changed manually, by a HH phrase, or by an app (including a schedule)

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Very helpful, thank you!

This might also help:

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I love this place. The both of you are very helpful. I’ve never experienced a user community like this anywhere else. Thank you!


Don’t feel bad I’ve been using ST for a while I just set the mode to home instead of issuing the hello home command good morning and my actions didn’t fire. My fault but my morning brain didn’t think there was a difference, obviously there was.