HELP INSTALLING ENERWAVE 3-way auxiliary switch

I am trying to install a 3 way switch for one of my lights in my house. I am using a ZW15S for the master, and ZW3K for the auxiliary switch. When I installed it, I connected ground to ground, line to line (black), load to load (black), neutral to neutral (white) and traveler to traveler (red) for the ZW15S, and neutral to neutral (white), ground to ground, traveler to traveler (red), and I connected the 2 black wires together for the ZW3K. After installation, the master switch could turn on/off the light, and it could connect to my smart things and I could switch on/off the light with my phone, but the auxiliary switch did not control anything. I tried interchanging the wires in case the wiring was off in the walls, and I switched the placements of the master and auxiliary switches. No change. The master (ZW15S) works perfectly, but the auxiliary (ZW3K) does not do anything.


It took me a while to figure out but here’s what I did.

Figure out what is the main switch and which is the accessory. The accessory wiring won’t have a hot.

The fastest way to make sure about what is what is to unhook all the wires from both switches and test each wire to see which one is hot. The side with the hot is the main switch. For the main switch, hot goes to hot, neutral to neutral, ground to ground and one of the travelers to load. This is important. The TRAVELER has to go to the load. Let’s say the traveler is RED. I had a red and black traveler and connected the RED to load.

On the accessory switch side, there will be the two travelers (black and red), the load, the white neutral and the ground. Here, the RED traveler connects to the load. Wire them together with a wire nut and leave it be. The black traveler goes to the aux switch, the ground goes to the aux switch and the white neutral goes to the aux switch. That should do it.

The key here is to make sure the red traveler is attached to the load wire at this box.

Hope that helps!

Enerwave wiring is the same as the GE switches. It sounds like the wiring is the first option.
With that option you can wire it like stated above (sending load) or also by sending line. See FAQ below.