Help Getting Going with CoRE (enable GitHub integration for U.K. account?)


I’m new to all this (based in the UK) and hoping for a some guidance. I am by no means a software developer, but I am usually competent with these things. I’m all set up and running with basic automations, but now that I want to do some more complex stuff I believe I need to use CoRE.

I discovered a couple of install guides which are simple enough to follow, but I hit a roadblock right at the start.

The guide says :

but when I login to my Account and go to the “My SmartApps” tab, I don’t have the “Enable GitHub Integration” link there like in the picture?

Any help anyone can offer is appreciated. This has been driving me nuts.


This is an issue that some users have run into, I don’t know the details of why it only affects some people. I do know that support has been able to enable it now for UK users as well as US users, so you can contact them and have them do it for you. That’s a one time process.

I am probably way off base here but do you have any blocking software enabled on your browser?

@JDRoberts - Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

@jkp - no I don’t think so.

should sort it for you.

To install core enter

in the repository fields.


I’m trying to setup Github integration. I follow The URL
then click Step 2 to follow link It then lands at a Github page stating Error 404 - not known. Any help appreciated.