Help getting Alexa to unlock front door

New to this and would like to have Alexa unlock my Schlage lock.

  1. I have it setup in my Smartthings App

  2. Have it in the Alexa app but it will not respond to commands

  3. I know from a video you can say “lock on/off” but not sure how to set up

  4. Tried to follow these instructions but the options weren’t available on my screen

  5. How do you find Hello Home Phrases?

Head over to your Hello Home Phrases and create a phrase to just unlock the door:

Tap the speech bubble in the upper right corner of the app dashboard
Tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner
Tap “Add an action”
name Action
Set it up to just unlock the door and nothing else
Hit Done

I think Alexa will ignore , block any devices, modes that it thinks contain a lock. So I don’t think you can tell Alexa to unlock your door through a “direct” connection. (For safety reasons)

Smartthings can unlock your door. So you might have to make a virtual switch in smartthings, use that virtual switch as the go between for Alexa and smartthings.

This has been covered here in the forums, will take me as bit to find it. Hopefully someone who has done this recently or who uses Alexa to unlock their door can chime in. I use my routines and presence to control my lock vice Alexa directly.

Thanks for your quick reply

There is a YouTube video that explains how to do it and he gives the voice command “Alexa lock on/off” but I’m not a programmer and don’t quite understand nor can I find within the link what I’m supposed to do. Sure I’m just missing a couple of steps

You’re very nice to reply so quickly – thank you.

So I paired my Schlagel lock with Smartthings Hub as a lock - how do I change it to a switch?

Tracey Griggs

There may be a Utube video? I’m pretty sure Alexa can’t / won’t control a lock directly.

I’m pretty sure you’ll have to connect Alexa to smartthings or some other route to get it to unlock a door.

If I’m wrong just wait and someone will jump in.
You could also search the forum or Google and follow the links that lead to smartthings stuff.

Your going to have to create a virtual switch, and have it follow your lock. Using a custom DTH or some other smart app like CoRE.

Thanks…not sure how to do any of that.

I’m almost there i think…when I tell Alexa “front door on” it changes the status in the Smartthings Hub, under my home, to Green (on) but nothing happens at the lock, lol.

Okay, I’ll try to find some guides to point you in the right direction. I know @JDRoberts has posted how to do all of that in another topic. I won’t find it tonight so ping me tomorrow to remind me.

If your needing something to do. Go to the Wiki FAQ and or other pages for ALOT of info that is organized.

Awesome, thank you.

Happy New Year

Tracey Griggs

See steps 11 and 12 in the first post of the following thread. :sunglasses:

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Also, “Hello, Home phrase” is the old terminology for what is now called a “Routine.”

I know of an App that will allow you to tell Alexa to Lock and Unlock the door. PM me

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Thanks @JDRoberts and @bamarayne for jumping in to help.

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@bamarayne is one of the authors of EchoSistant, mentioned in step 14 of the FAQ I linked to. I’m guessing that’s what he’s referring to. :wink:

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I am… It’s just not released… I need a beta tester!

Alexa can unlock the door.
After you add it to ST and discover it in Alexa you need to enable opening in the Alexa App.
Go to Smart Home
Find the lock and then clock Unlock by voice and set a voice code.