Design flow for creating a secure WiFi "Device"

(Z Man) #1

Hi all,

Recently came across SmartThings as I have somewhat of an obsession with HA. I have had a similar idea to ST for some time, - looks like the ST guys beat me to it. Between my day job (Oil & Gas Process Engineer) and family I’d realistically not have the time - so thanks, and it’s looking good! =0)

Anyway, I had some time this weekend and was trying to pen a generic S/W architecture for a WiFi connected “Device”. Trouble is, the doco on the website is fairly limited as it only goes into the ST side of things. and even then it’s not typical design doco detail level.

I’m happy to prepare something and share. My thoughts are basically a broad graphical representation of the most common use cases (connection/authentication, capability publish, sensor read, level read/write, event subscription, configuration set/query), a verbal decription of how these work, and a generic OAuth authenticated SOAP endpoint skeleton that can easily be hacked to do other functions. Target platform is Open WRT Linux (plenty of supoprt in the wild). Skeleton will be fully C/C++ (aim is minimal footprint, memory and power consumption as it should be suitable for battery powered devices).

What I’m looking for is a guru (hopefully someone within ST) to put their hand up for me to bounce queries against and to review proposed architecture doco betore I start coding…

Any takers?


(Song Pandy) #2

It is an interesting topic. But I doubt SmartThings would support it

(Andrew Urman) #3

You’d be surprised how at what non-smartthings people know about the platform. 4-5 People have already built their own GUI.