Help for debugging Zwave action on wake Up

(Cyril Peponnet) #1


The hardest part when debugging a device-handler is to monitor what is going on during wake up…

As the live logging expire after several minutes, It’s not convenient and there is no backlog. The event list per device doesn’t help tracing the execution of the device-handler.

I was wondering if we can use the websocket (wss:// to create it’s own log logger for debugging purpose. (any documentation ?)

Or maybe another way to deal with…


(Kevin Tierney) #2

What about using IFTTT’s new maker channel? You’d have to add some code to generate the http GET or POST request when things happen, but you could do it pretty easily and add to a google spreadsheet

(Cyril Peponnet) #3

Thanks for the hint. It should work but require lot of code and will not work with builtin ST devices and smartApps (as we don’t have the source code).

(Kevin Tierney) #4

Yeah, not the greatest, but not too horrible of an option. I had assumed you needed this for building a custom device type.

Not 100% sure about the smart apps, but the default ST device type code is available in the IDE