What is a heartbeat?

I was looking through my logs and saw that some devices are listed as not having a heartbeat, e.g “Table Lamp does not support heartbeat”. In other systems I know that a heartbeat is a signal/message that the device sends to inform the system that it is alive and well even if it is not reporting. How does this apply to SmartThings and/or Z-Wave? Why is the hub looking for a heartbeat? That’s contrary to what I understand a heartbeat to be.

It doesn’t apply to Z wave per se. However, there are multiple community written smartapps that have implemented some kind of heartbeat function to determine whether the device is still connected to the network or otherwise operational.

So my first question would be can you determine from the logs exactly what put that entry into the log? Was it a smartapp or something else?

You probably already know this next bit, but just in case someone else finds this thread later, here’s how to read the logs:

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It is coming from my echo.