Help finding LED strips

I’m planning on installing some LED strips in my office under the chair rails. I’ve already got the “smart” part figured out (Zooz RGBW controller), but where I’m struggling is finding which LED strip to order. The hard part is that I’m really trying to avoid buying from an unknown brand that only exists on Amazon. I’ve tried looking on site like Mouser and Digikey, but there doesn’t seem to be much selection (or I’m looking wrong) and the prices are quite high (around $100 for a strip, vs $10-20 on Amazon).

Since I’ll be running around 36ft, I’m thinking that 24v will be a better option, but I’m open to 12v as well. And this will be indoors, so no need for IP ratings. I would really like to have a product that has some reputable ratings (e.g. UL listing) and I just can’t trust Amazon sellers to honestly provide that.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to purchase some LED strips?

I’ve used BTF-Lighting strips. You can get them on AliExpress, their own website and to a limited extent, Amazon. They also have an array of power supplies, although I haven’t used those.

Shipping time from their website wasn’t too bad. They have frequesnt “sales”.

Thanks Bryan. I ended up ordering some strips from them. We’ll see how it goes!