Help create 1 virtual switch link to ifttt turn on all lights insde?

Hi everyone,
So i wanted to create 1 virtual switch (which i did by following a post here) so i can link that virtual switch to ifttt so ifttt can turn on all the lights in my house when i get an email from
I have successfully created a virtual switch in IDE smartthings
this shows up as a switch in ifttt
what i need help with is how do i link 1 or more physical switches to the virtual switch ?

** Why am i doing this? Well i looking for a way for all the lights in my house to come on if my ADT alarm goes off. There was no other way i could think of but to have IFTTT do this. So i created an applet that links to my gmail. adt pulse sends me an email instantly if and when my alarm goes off , so i was using if - email from adt pulse then switch on smartthings switch, unfortunately its not possible to select more than 1 physical switch from the drop down list so i thought what if i create a virtual switch in ST and link all my indoor physical switches then i can have IFTTT turn on 1 virtual switch which in turn will turn on all my indoor lights. I figured everything out (spent many hours reading here lol - tone of useful information) only thing i cannot figure out for the life of me is how to link physical switches to a virtual switch. It might be simple but right now im completely stuck so if anyone can just give me a quick how to i would greatly appreciate it.
Thank You all in advance

Ok so i figured it out lol. Now i tried to delete the main post but i guess there is no way to do that ?

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So how did you do it?

There are several different ways to do this. One method is described in a how to article in the community – created wiki, so you might just start there. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your quick response!
I have it working now!

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