Help Connecting Mimimote v1

So I’ve been trying everything, firmware both US and EU, reset, pair and use + with button #, press join an extra second or two and thus far nothing. I did reach out to ST and Aeotec but I’m waiting to hear back. However, I did come across a post using a different DH instead of the built in Aeon Minimote DH. I tried the Anon Minimote DH by Kyse and it worked perfect. 2 of the remotes are using the alternate DH and work with Smart Lighting and Button Controller. I even tried Button Controller - Enhanced it everything works now.

I’m not sure what this means, but could there be something with the default DH? At least for now I have all my remotes are working and when I speak with ST, I’ll see what could going on. I left one remote unpaired in the event I need to work with ST and the default DH.

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