Hello from Toronto: Question about Z-wave Dimmer Switches

Hello Everyone!
newbie here on home automation. moving to a new place at the end of the month and was really really hoping I could get a question answered.

the ask

  • the other place has 3 rooms. living room, family room and basement in question

  • i would to like to put recessed LED “pot ligthing” in all 3 rooms.
    – 6 in living room
    – 4 in family room
    – 4 in basement.

  • ALso would like to install 3 z-wave compatible dimmer switches in all 3 rooms

my confusion

  • ive gone through a lot of the forum messages and ive seen cases where the dimmers are not compatible with the lights ie…they flicker or make a humming noise etc please note that I want to install LED pot lights(not CFL or incadescent). the “products compatibility” page lists a number of dimmers but not sure which is LED compatible.

Can someone please advise which z-wave dimmer model would be best and which model of LED recesesed pot lighthing would be compatible with that dimmer?
also how can i tell if the socket has a neutral wiring? im getting an electrician to come and do all the work and was hoping to avoid any “gotchas” in the last minute.

to be honest ill just take your word for me and head over to homedepot buy it online ifyou can please just provide me the details.

thank you very much in advance.

The switches will say “LED compatible.”

Most zwave switches that require a neutral wire will be LED compatible.
The ones that aren’t are mostly the older ones that don’t require a neutral.


The reason there are so many forum topics is that many light boxes don’t have a neutral, and people are usually hoping to avoid the expense and trouble of fishing up a neutral by using one of the older switches, but then they run into the bulb compatibility issue.

As far as the neutral wire…if your house was built in Canada in the last 30 years, there will probably be a neutral somewhere, either in the wall or at the fixture. So it’s usually just a matter of “fishing up” the neutral and bringing it to the wall switch. The electrician will know.

awesome. many thanks for your response @JDRoberts . looks like its a choice between the Evolve LRM-As and the Cooper RF9540-N. will boil down to what programmable features i want/need (sends instatnt status, programmable dim rate, programmable eld indicator etc).

Can you recommend a good LED recessed pot lighting thought that will work well with these dimmers?


sniff sniff…no response as yet?

Sorry–my house is 60 years old, we don’t even have overhead fixtures in all the rooms! I don’t know anything about pot lights.

Hopefully someone with experience will answer.

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