Havig trouble using GE 26931 motion light as motion sensor

I have a few of the GE z-wave 26931. The light switch work fine but I only want it to turn on during a specific time. I have tried the following but none of it work:

  1. Set the switch to manual, then set up a smart Lighting app to turn on and sense motion at specific time. It doesn’t do anything.
  2. Set the switch to Vacancy mode (hoping this will activate the motion sensor), run the same smart Lighting app and still won’t response.
  3. Set the switch to manual, using another 26931 to trigger that switch and still no response. The trigger switch (which I set in occupancy mode) do turn on but not the target switch.
    Does that mean the motion sensor in the switch only work for that specific switch and nothing else? If that is the case, is there anything else I can do to make the light switch to turn on and sense motion at specific time ( 6:30 pm - 5:30 am for example).
    Thank you.
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Good question. I have the 26933 basically the same switch, been turning it to Vacancy from the app on ST at night time

You can set up a rule to do this automatically.

First, you need to use a device type handler that will expose the parameter to SmartThings. I’m not sure which one you have been using, but the one in the following thread will work.

Once you have that, you can create a piston in WebCore that can reconfigure the motion sensor parameter based on time of day or a number of other variables. Again, the people in the following thread can help tell you how to do that, as several of them have it set up that way.

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Thanks for the link and the information. I will ask the question in that thread.

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Here is the latest release of these DTHs: [RELEASE] GE Z-wave Motion Switch (26931) and Motion Dimmer (26933) - Version 1.0.1