Have VeraPlus, thinking of ST. Would Amcrest WiFi camera work?

Hi all-
I have a VeraPlus and have not to use it much (use Veralite actually, have not upgraded yet). But now that I got a Google Home I am leaning toward buying a SmartThings Hub for more native integration. I also just bought 2 Amcrest IP WiFi camera’s IP3M-943W . Bought them thinking I would keep the Vera but am rethinking the hub thing, esp since SmartThings does not seem like so much a niche product as Vera.

But the real question is would the camera’s integrate into a SmartThings ecosystem??

Don’t hate me now, but should I then think about Wink?


You should check with the developer of this device handler.


Okay thanks, but I am a newcomer here- how do I contact him? Kind of regretting getting these camera’s.


You could send a direct message, or just post in that thread I linked to.

Posted in a thread, how to do a direct message?

Thank you.


Click on the person’s avatar then on the page that comes up, click the blue “message” link with a pic of an envelope. If you don’t see that, discourse,the forum software, hasn’t given you direct message privileges yet as a new user. If so, just contribute to some other topics with a few more posts and you should be permitted to send DMs.