Integrate ST w/ Amcrest Cameras

Hi all,

I’m looking for suggestions from the knowledgeable guys and gals who frequent this forum.

I have a Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3MP WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera (IP3M-943W) and would like to add more. What I’d like to do is find a way to integrate them with ST so that when a camera detects motion, the camera would alert ST that motion had been detected and ST would trigger a device that would begin making noise (preferably a continuous beep or something similar).

Basically I want people to know that their presence has been detected. I currently get a text message when motion is detected but there is no way to then initiate additional actions.

In summary:

  1. Does anyone know how to integrate Amcrest cameras with ST
  2. Can anyone suggest a device and a method by which ST could tell the device to begin making a noise for a specified period of time each time a camera detects motion detected.

I’m still using a V1 hub.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.