Have a problem, NEED a solution. Restricting ceiling light output from switch for night time when kiddo is supposed to be sleeping. Toddler Bed training

Long story short, we have a capable 2 year old (as most are), that can reach his bedroom switches and also fly out of his crib. Toddler bed training has begun and the saga has had highs and lows. Biggest problem is that he wakes up, flies to his switch and with that bright light, going back to bed isn’t as tempting as playing with everything else so now.

Is there a solution via, switch and/or bulbs that can set times that when switch is turned on that light can only be a maximum brightness, maybe none and/or a certain color? More fun would be setting so that switch only turns lights on for a certain duration at specified times, to help nudge him from the tedium of switch play to a comfy compromise.

Not trying to create a Guantanamo effect but more of a soothing, bit of light that says go back to bed. Carrot vs stick.

Current home products: Smartthings hub through NVIDIA Shield, WYZE stuff, Alexa, Google Home, Smart Switches by several companies.

Any assistance is BEYOND appreciated, and should a solution exist the sleep our newborn and ourselves will attain will be the thing of dreams.

I have this exact featureset with my (Inovelli) smart switches using ABC Manager SmartApp (Automatic Button Controller).

Basically when my home is in Home mode, the lights are able to go to full brightness, but when in Night mode, all dimmers are limited to XX% (customizeable, mine are at 25%). This is done via mapping the switch based on the status of the house.

See: https://community.smartthings.com/t/abc-advanced-button-controller-2019-edition/177571

Thanks to @Eric_Inovelli for the idea and the amazing switches!


You just might have saved a life or two :slight_smile: Thank you much!

I feel your pain. I have an integrated light in the fan in my toddlers room, with a single gang switch box, so no real easy solution here… So I just disconnected the light. I was so tired of my kids getting up at 5am and flipping it on. I’ll just work around it until someone releases a switch with fan speed control and light dimmer built into one single gang fixture. Inovelli is working on one I think?

Using Smart lighting restricted by mode or time can handle this (separate rules for each setting).

I have something similar to this setup with zigbee bulbs and a lightify dimmer covering the switch.

Zooz released something 2 days ago for light/fan control in a single gang form factor, but I think the fan control is only on/off:


I’ve been watching that. It’s soooooo close. I really need fan speed control though so it’s a no go.

Thank you all for your help. After more nightmare nights and mornings the boss (wife) and I finally decided we are good to lose fan control for the on/off with the zooz switches. Now the fun part that hopefully has an easy answer.

Do all smart bulbs work with all smart switches. or at min, can we use Ilumin Zwave RGBW bulbs with those Zooz Switches?

Thanks again, you have ALL been BEYOND HELPFUL

Yes, absolutely. There are a few ways to program the control but never dim the bulb directly from a smart dimmer. Because dimming from the wall switch will happen through Z-Wave, results may not be as smooth as with regular bulbs but you should be able to adjust brightness to the desired level. Feel free to get in touch with us for wiring or programming instructions.


Inovelli’s pre-order is up :smiley:

Aghhh! Was it always planned to have a separate module in the fan shroud? I was hoping for a single gang solution at the switch, for new installs where there’s two lines coming in to the box.

I’ve got a ton of minka fans that have a single gang switch to control both the light and the fan speed and was hoping to replace them without having to pull down the fan.