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Has anyone tried this Iris plug?


Buying 4 at this price point, then using one of the Lowes coupons available on this website makes the price pretty good. Has anyone tried these with the smarthings hub?


I believe those are gen1 and only work with Iris hubs.

Gen2 work with smartthings hub.

(Mark) #3

@Smartphi is correct. Those plugs don’t work with ST.


You want the gen 2. They are awesome. Zigbee and zwave extenders plus a smart plug.


I guess the price tag was too good to be true.

(Stoned Crab) #6

I wouldn’t buy anything that says “Iris” on it. Lowe’s doesn’t support their stuff. Nothing but bad past experiences with Iris/Lowe’s. Good Luck.

(Glen King) #7

AND they measure power flow.

I have no issue with Lowe’s. Two of the smart plugs I got from them were not working, and they replaced those with zero problem. And all those that I have, along with all their window sensors, are working perfectly well after nearly two years.

Perhaps the issue is with the management at your local store??

(Stoned Crab) #8

Actually, my troubles began the day Lowe’s mailed me the Gen 2 hub. Gen 1 worked too good. Guess they had to mess things up.

(Jimmy) #9

LOL. The Iris devices are some of the best bang for your buck you can get. Soundsl ike you got burned by the Iris hub, but since you’re here I take it you solved that problem :smile:

(Stoned Crab) #10

Yes, thank you. I replaced it with a Samsung hub, and Samsung sensors. Now everything works.

(Mark) #11

That’s ironic. This forum is full of people who have had great experiences with iris devices like the motion sensor and contact sensor, and many longtime ST users dropped their ST-branded sensors long ago.


The iris motion sensor gen2 is my best performer. The contact sensor is pretty good too my goto now is visionic for $10 today promo.

(Jimmy) #13

I’m guessing you had the Iris gen 1 sensors that wouldn’t work with SmartThings?

(Stoned Crab) #14

Yes, and the Iris Keypad, which wouldn’t work, and all of the other Iris devices, which were supposed to work with the Gen 2 hub, but didn’t. Needless to say, Lowe’s won’t be getting any more of my money.

(Mark) #15

In case you haven’t set this up with ST yet, there’s a device handler for it that works just fine. There’s also a smartapp that allows you to setup entry and exit delays so that your keypad actually has a use.

See the linked thread below, which is for the delay smartapp but also has a link to the keypad DTH in the first post.

(Stoned Crab) #16

Thanks for the info. I’ll try it out when I get home.