Has anyone tried the Ring Smart Lighting Transformer with ST Hub v3?

I have outdoor in-ground path lights connected to a dumb Low-Voltage Transformer/Timer that I would like to increase the IQ of. If I try to connect the power plug into a smart power socket, the “always on” setting gets reset to “off” whenever the circuit is cut by automation. So I’m looking to replace it completely. Was wondering if anyone has tried the Ring Smart Lighting Transformer and successfully connected it to a ST Hub without using the Ring Bridge they require for the Ring App. I have no desire to use the Ring App and have no other Ring products.

It’s impossible since it uses a proprietary low frequency radio. With the bridge you can at least use Alexa to somewhat tie to SmartThings.

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Thanks for the details, I thought this was just a WiFi device. I thought I read of people connecting Ring Doorbells directly to ST, but now I realize they were connecting through their Ring accounts.