Has anyone tried the new GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch (12730)?

You will have to have an electrician “fish up” a neutral from somewhere else in the wall. If this is a US house built after 1940 and the wall switch is near an outlet, the outlet will almost surely have a neutral.

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Yep sadly @JDRoberts is right, need that neutral…

With a ceiling fan that has a light…if using the light but you don’t want the fan always turning on full speed…I assume the fan can be disabled via pull cord?

Usually, but this is one of the areas where different models very a lot. You just have to look at the user manual for the specific model you’re considering.

Just got the new hub and looking to utilize St for my fans. Issue is iIcurrently have Lutron units that basically have two sets of dimmers in one control. One for fan and one for light on the fan. I had to install a module in the fan as well

So iIdon’t care do much about dimmer on the light but I’d like to have dimming fan plus light on or off all via one control unit. Is this possible? Thanks t

I have all toggle switches in my new condo and the 12730 paddle fan control is not going to work for me. All my other lighting applications use the GE switches including the 12729 dimmer.

Since the 12730 is managed as a dimmer, do you think the 12729 toggle style dimmer switch would work? Seems like if it were that easy, they would not have different models?

I was thinking of adding this code for the distinct low/med/high.

Thanks for any suggestions including other switches that would be compatible with my toggle style wall plates.

Here’s just one of many discussions about using a dimer designed for lighting to control a fan motor. I believe it was not recommended.

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Yes, I am using one. I was surprised that it allows me more than three speeds. It is pretty much dimmable like a light switch. It’s great lying in bed reading, get cold, turn it down. Wake up in the night hot, turn it up. Love it!!!

Want to add z-wave to ceiling fan/light combo.
Love fan & light so do not want to replace.

Current set up
3 single gang locations, each gang has a switch for fan, and light.

  • Lutron Maestro White Combination Dimmer And Fan Control (hard wired 3-way)
  • Lutron Maestro White Combination Dimmer And Fan Control (hard wired 3-way)
  • Lutron Maestro White Combination Dimmer and Fan Control (wireless)

Would like to add a z-wave canopy module that will also work w/the Maestro switches already installed. If that is not possible, looking for a single gang solution that has a switch for fan and switch for light (ideally where we can install the switches in the same locations.)

Best Option to Date
Remove all Maestro switches. Install a z-wave canopy module which is only operated by z-wave controller (smart phone) or a remote control handled. In place of the Maestro switches, install z-wave controller switches (pseudo wall switch). Needless to say this is quite a cost prohibitive solution. There has to be a simpler and more cost effective means to control the fan and light (independently) on the z-wave network.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

I just got one of these. Lowes had them on the iris wall and they are now only 41 dollars! I haven’t had any issue with the implementation. My echo treats it like a dimmable light. I just say a percentage for speed.

Rich, are u using the GE Z-Wave Ceiling Fan Wall Switch, 12730?

And sounds like it works with Amazon Echo? :smiley:

it does. I yanked out a rather annoying ge tapt switch and replaced it with this. I also took advantage of some rather strange wiring in my house (the ceiling box is a junction box) and hooked the lights directly to their own supply line so they stay on (or off) when i turn on/off the fan.

just got 6 of these, and the install in single gang boxes went just fine, they pair easily and work well! but these are very deep and do not fit in a double-gang box.

what are my options? the box has push-in tabs for wires to be pushed in, but not sure that it would fit regardless

Why don’t you replace the box with something deeper:

new construction, only in the house 6 months, and i think my wife would flip… but, perhaps if i don’t completely screw it up… thanks!

I got one of these stupidly thinking it didn’t require a neutral. Is there any way I can repurpose it for a location with a neutral wire, to use it as a button/scene controller with having no load onthe load wire?

This might be an obvious question, but do I need to have a current switch dedicated for fan controls? Right now i have a single switch that appears to be power to the whole unit( that i never turnoff) and a remote to control it all.

When i see install videos for this device i do not see them installing extra wires for the fan controls, is it talking to the wireless module in the fan that my remote uses?

yes for this to work properly you would need two switches, one for the light and one for the fan. you can do it with only one switch, however if you hook it to your fan the light will only turn on if the fan is set to high as others on this thread have found out through trial and error.

baaahaha this cracked me up…old thread.

Hey guys. I am currently looking at getting some of these. https://www.amazon.com/GE12722-Z-Wave-Wireless-Lighting-Control/dp/B0035YRCR2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468508672&sr=8-1&keywords=ge+jasco

What is the difference between the 1000W switch and the others?